Undergraduate Program

D. Pharm.

About D. Pharm.

Diploma in Pharmacy (abbreviated D.Pharm) is a Diploma level course in the field of pharmacy. The course duration of D.Pharm is two academic years. The regulatory body for the program is Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The curriculum and syllabus for the course are prescribed by Board of Technical Education (BTE), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The course aims to trained qualified candidates to fill orders under a pharmacist’s supervision, enter patient’s information, identify prescriptions, and process paperwork for orders, understand and apply drug and medical terminology, as well as basic pharmacology.


If you’re a pharmacist professional who are looking to progress into pharmacists, one of the most trusted healthcare professionals in the world, this is the best diploma degree for you.

The D.Pharm deepens your understanding pharmacy. A pharmacy diploma is essential in medicine because it involves preparing,  dispensing, and properly using the medicine for therapeutic purposes.
The core pharmacy subjects are:

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmacology

Career Options

Sales and Marketing
Higher Studies


India is a large country with a population of roughly 140 million people, therefore there is a great need for medications. The future of pharmacy is too bright. In the field of pharmacy offers several careers, scopes, and job prospects. D Pharm degree have a variety of job options. They have career options in both the public and private sectors. Despite the fact that D Pharma is a diploma degree, there are some good job chances for those who complete it. Pharmacists are responsible for, the quality of medicines supplied to patients, ensuring that the supply of medicines is within the law, ensuring that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable and advising patients about medicines, including how to take them.

Sales and Marketing

These are some of the career options of the candidate after completion of the D.Pharm. The career options of the belike Sales Manager, Self- Marketer, Sales and Medical Representative, etc. You can find jobs in various areas such as government departments, research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, etc. A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative’s main responsibilities are serving clients by selling
pharmaceutical products and meeting their needs. They visit hospitals and doctor’s clinics to give presentations and educate about the company’s pharmaceuticals.

Career in Higher Education

After completing the D. Pharm, if you wants to study further then below are the two viable options he or she can choose from:

  • If pharmaceutical studies are your calling and passion, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (B. Pharm). If you have completed D Pharma, you take the admission in the second year of B. Pharm. After completed, you can pursue postgraduate degrees i.e. M.Pharm.
  • After completing your D. Pharm, you might consider pursuing a law degree. Litigation and IPR (intellectual property) lawyers are hired by many pharmaceutical businesses.


After completing the D. Pharm, if you can work in chemist shops or retail stores of medicines. After registering with the State Pharmacy Council, D. Pharm certificate holders may even start their own private drug store or chemist shop and sell medicines as per doctor’s prescription. There are a lot of health care service companies like Apollo Clinic, Lifecare Clinics, etc. If you want to start a clinic then you can start with the lowest investment. You can start this business along with your pharmacy.

Due to the internet, users are increasing so that the online pharmacy business is also growing. But before getting into the online pharmacy business you have to learn the pharmacy store. To deeply understand the pharmaceutical business process. Then you can start an online pharmacy.

D. Pharm

Fee Structure

Sr. No. Particulars Amount (₹) 

Application Form

(1st year only)


Academic Fee

(Every year)

3. Library Included
4. Sports Included
5. Online Classes Included
6. Examination  Fee Payable to BTE as per BTE rule 

Eligiblity Required

  • The minimum qualification is that the candidates must pass out 10+2 examination with 50% marks minimum with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with Mathematics or Biology.
  • Students can register directly with the college.
  • Students must have qualified entrance test conducted by Joint
    Entrance Examination Council (Polytechnic), Uttar Pradesh

How to Apply

  • Submit Details Online:  Apply Now
  • Walk-In: Directly visit the campus and fill the Admission Form along with all documents.
  • Online: Fill the online form and submit the documents online. Later, the student is required to submit hard copies of the documents.
  • Through Entrance: Interested candidates must have appeared and qualified entrance test conducted by JEECUP and opt for taking admission in Ishan Institute of Pharmacy (College Code : 1068)

Why D. Pharm ?

There are several reasons why someone might consider pursuing a D.Pharm program. Here are a few:

Entry into the Pharmacist Profession

Pursuing a D. Pharm program allows you to enter the pharmacist profession. With a diploma in hand, you can be pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Staff Pharmacist, Sales and Marketing Executive, Retail Pharmacist etc.

Comprehensive Curriculum

D.Pharm programs offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of pharmacy topics. Students learn about pharmacy core subjects are Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology. This gives them a well-rounded Pharmacy education.

Professional Opportunities

A Diploma in Pharmacy opens up a variety of professional opportunities, such as working in Government and Private Hospital, Pharmaceutical Industries, public sector organizations, and NGOs etc.

Competitive Advantage

Having a diploma degree in pharmacy give you a competitive advantage in various fields, such as pharmaceutical and medicine etc. Several skills are necessary for your career advancement in pharmacy. Pharmacist skills can be acquired through learning and constant practice, while others are natural. It can also help you stand out in a crowded job market.

Personal Growth

Studying Diploma Pharmacy can help you develop various skills, such as know about Pharma. Practical pharmacy skills, you can carry out a pharmacist’s duties productively. Pharmaceuticals have contributed to improvements in life expectancy and quality of life of many patients. Medicines can cure, relieve symptoms, delay the onset of disease and prevent complications. These skills also enable you to maximize your potential.

Overall, pursuing a D.Pharm program can be a great choice for someone interested in the Pharmacy profession and looking for help the world grow into a disease-free society where people are healthier, and more open to share their medical problems with the ones and then treat them well and diagnose the disease.

Ishan as a institute provides a good learning environment, a rich and inexhaustible source of
learning material, guest lectures by experts, visits to pharma industry, seminars, presentations, debates are our hallmarks.